Most frequent questions and answers

We work with leaders and HR managers who are concerned with improving the safety of the laborers who are working for their organizations. We also partner with researchers for over 18 years to come up with solutions in solving the problems of safety in workplaces regardless of the industry they are in.

Thank you for your interest in Over Preventie. We’ll be happy to conduct the training sessions in your organization. Please send us a message with your preferred schedule, and we’ll contact you to make arrangements if needed.

Yes. We do yearly public speaking during our Amsterdam city trip. There will be lots of useful information you can apply to your organization. We highly suggest that you come because it’s free, yet it offers great value to your organization.

First, you should seek legal advice. Accidents occurred in the workplace should not be taken lightly by the company you work for. If it is proven that the accident was caused by poor safety precautions in the vicinity you work, they have to pay for the damages it caused you in accordance with the law.

In the Netherlands, the Occupational Safety and Health law is already a sensitive matter. Companies are required to get certificates based on the requirement of their city, especially in Amsterdam city center pass. But there are still some countries where safety in workplaces is still neglected.

If it is clear that violations were made, please contact us. We’ll help you convey the complaint to the right department in your city who is assigned to take care of these matters.