About Us

Our Story

Over Preventie is founded by a group of researchers from different fields of science. They observed the lack of safety precautions in workplaces affecting millions of labourers around the world. They despised the lack of attention this issue was getting. But the universe had a plan on its own. The founders of Over Preventie met in Amsterdam top sightseeing where they discussed these pressing issues. They were compelled to do something about it and decided that they will no longer be silent about it. With the right connections and approach, Over Preventie was born. Starting from 5 members, they were able to grow the group to hundreds of members in just one year.

Our Methods

We entertain complaints from hundreds of laborers regarding the safety measures in their workplaces. Our team will investigate the issue and take necessary actions based on the legal actions we can take. We also work with organizations on how they can make their workplace safe for their employees. We have created materials and conducted training for private businesses.

Invite Us for Training and Awareness Campaign

We accept invitations from organizations to conduct training sessions. Our team can also provide sound advice regarding safety procedures that can be strategically implemented without affecting the productivity of the employees. Our methods are effective and will ensure that everyone in your organization would have an Amsterdam sightseeing Heineken experience. Creating awareness in the area of safety shows that you care for your people. And it gives peace of mind to all the people who are working in your facility.