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What are Occupational Hazards?

Sadly, most workers don’t have any idea about the occupational hazards that exist int heir workplace. It’s a mission of Over Preventie to create awareness involving employees and leaders to create a healthier workplace. According to our research, there are 6 major occupational hazards that everyone should be aware of, they are the following: Safety Hazards, Biological Hazards, Physical Hazards, Ergonomic Hazards, Chemical Hazards, and Work Organization Hazards.

These hazards are everywhere. Unsightly incidents may happen even in the places we consider the safest in Amsterdam holiday tour. It’s our moral obligation to spread awareness to the public. After all, we all have families waiting for us to come home safe and whole.

Why is It Important to be Aware of These Hazards at Work?

Money Can’t Buy Us Wholeness

Time is money. We trade our time in order to get money, but money can’t buy you wholeness. Our research has shown a number of cases wherein employees met accidents at work which resulted in injuries and sadly, death. We cannot help but feel sorry for the families that were affected and for the individuals who had to suffer as victims of these unforeseen events – even with years of health insurance protection coverage.

Overall Wellness of Labourers

Hazardous incidents are not limited to accidents. They can be health risks that come with the job. Symptoms may not be as aggressive. It could take years to escalate into a major health issue affecting thousands of employees. As a company who hires hundreds or even thousands of labourers, it is their duty to protect the wellness of their people. And as an organization fighting against occupational hazards, it’s our duty to unmask the potential hazards that might harm labourers.

Prevention is the Key to Reduce Hazardous Incidents at Work

We all know the phrase, “prevention is better than cure”, yet we underestimate the possibilities of occupational hazards that exist in our workplaces. One may think that it would never happen to him, but the reality is, no one knows – even with extra 20 off clearance. It pays to be careful and be aware of our surroundings. Safety starts with awareness.

Join The Movement

Over Preventie is a movement composed of researchers and volunteers in making every workplace safe. We were on the starting phase of our work, it sounded as if we are in an impossible mission. But the public has been helpful in furthering our cause. The small steps we took along the way paid off. Today, from the public to private business sectors, safety became one of their priorities. Our movement has become successful in achieving our goals, but we are not stopping until all laborers achieve a healthy workplace.