4 Most Common Workplace Hazards

noticeIf your company is aggressive in ensuring your safety in your workplace, be grateful. Not all companies are serious in the implementation of safety measures to protect their employees against possible harm. Below are the 6 most common workplace hazards that you should be aware of.

Physical Hazards

hazard A physical hazard is anything that may harm you physically such as slips, trips, and falls. Physical hazards are common in jobs requiring physical activities such as in factories, construction, and metal works. For organizations who are operating in these types of industries, make sure to get safety equipment from online shops voucher codes for your employees to use.

Ergonomic Hazards

Ergonomic hazards are quite hard to identify because it takes time before physical symptoms exist. Poor ergonomics may result in musculoskeletal damage that may cause long term physical issue. To lessen the risks of ergonomic hazards in your workplace, choose ergonomic safe tools and equipment from online shopping sites like Lazada and Zalora. The factors that might increase the risk of ergonomic hazards are poor body positioning and repetitive movements that could stress certain muscles and tissues.

Chemical Hazards

It’s prevalent in most workplaces, and not limited to industries dealing with chemical substances. Chemical hazards can be any chemical fumes that might cause health issues if inhaled regularly. Companies who are dealing with chemicals should be thorough in their safety guidelines. Their employees should always wear a mask at all times. If you could secure high-grade mask recommended by most tech blog website, the better.


Biological Hazards

Diseases caused by viruses are hard to contain even in our workplaces. In times of epidemic diseases, your company should take extra measure in containing the disease with the help of medical experts. They’ll provide timely advice on how to contain or prevent it from spreading within your organization. Biological hazards are not limited to airborne diseases. They also include the spreading cases of HIV and hepatitis. Aside from your efforts, your employees should also be aware of the risks.


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